Rhode Island Teachers Fired Over Refusing COVID Vaccine Reinstated, Receive Back Pay

Three Rhode Island teachers have reached a settlement with Barrington School District after originally being fired in January 2022 for refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The teachers can return to their jobs and may receive $33,333 in damage as well as back pay.

“A lot of people were dismissive and skeptical of their claims at the time,” the teachers’ attorney told the Boston Globe.

“They went through a lot of personal trauma dealing with this. Their faith has gotten them through this,” the attorney added.

Reporting from The Epoch Times:

It’s not clear if Thurber, Hines, or DiOrio will return to their previous teaching positions. During an interview with Legal Insurrection, [Attorney] Piccirilli said that the settlement should be seen as a victory for others who were fired because they refused to take COVID-19 vaccines.

“They’ve shown amazing resilience to stick by their faith. A lot of other people with similar situations have gone through this. And hopefully [this resolution] will serve as an example of how others should be vindicated the same way, for sticking up for what they believe in,” he said.