RFK Considers NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers as Running Mate in 2024 Election

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is reportedly considering New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rogers to be his running mate in the upcoming election.

Attorney general and nephew of John F. Kennedy confirmed the news this week, also citing former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura as another possibility.

Kennedy said he had been speaking with the football player “pretty continuously” for the past month, The New York Times reported.

Rodgers made headlines in November 2021 when it was revealed that he tested positive for Covid and had not been vaccinated.

The quarterback had previously told the media he had “been immunized” against Covid but was criticized by mainstream media who claimed he “lied.”

Rodgers clarified at the time that he is allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA Covid vaccines and was following federal guidelines by foregoing the jab.

“I have an allergy to an ingredient that is in the mRNA vaccines. So, on the CDC’s own website it says, ‘should you have an allergy to any of these ingredients you should not get one of the mRNA vaccines.’ So those two were out already,” Rodgers said. “My only other option was the Johnson & Johnson. At this time, in the early spring, I had heard of multiple people who had adverse side effects around getting the J&J. No deaths or anything, but just some really difficult times.”

“I’m not an anti-vax, flat-earther. I have an allergy to an ingredient that’s in the mRNA vaccines. I found a long-term immunization protocol to protect myself and I’m very proud of the research that went into that.”

RFK Jr. has also been vocal about his criticism over vaccines, telling Good Morning Britain in May 2023 that his neurological disorder affecting his voice is a known side effect of the flu vaccine.

“About three years ago, I was litigating against the flu vaccine. I was preparing a complaint against all the companies that make certain kinds of flu vaccines, and I, for the first time, looked at all the list side effects that are on the manufacturers’ inserts, and this disease, spasmodic dysphonia, was one of the top,” Kennedy told Good Morning Britain correspondent Noel Phillips.