Revival At Asbury University Continues to Draw Believers From Around The World

The nonstop worship gathering at Asbury University continues to bring believers in Jesus Christ together from across the globe.

  • The worship ‘revival’ taking place at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky has brought Christians together from all over the world.
  • What started on February 8 as a traditional chapel service for students at Asbury on has since become a powerful faith movement with no end in sight.
  • Pastor Jen Ramlet from Influence Church in Orange County, Calif., visited Asbury’s worship services, reminding believers of the true meaning of revival.
  • “If you want revival because you want your church on the map it won’t happen,” Ramlet said. “Revival is not about you. Revival is not about being in the history books for your sake or for your ego. If you want revival you have to lay your pride down at the cross and want it because you genuinely want the move of God across your state and country.”
  • “At the center of it all, it’s been a return to a whole-hearted commitment to Jesus and turning away from anything that distracts us from Christ. We are deeply grateful for what God is doing,” Sarah Baldwin, vice president of student life at Asbury said.

  • “If you want revival you have to be humble. You have to earnestly desire repentance and salvation for Christ’s people,” Ramlet said. “It’s the meek churches. The humble schools, the genuine hearts of people hungry for repentance and salvation.”
  • Students at Asbury have been participating in around-the-clock prayer services, accompanied by worship music, personal testimonies, altar calls, and religious conversions.
  • The movement began after students refused to leave following a chapel service and has since grown to pack the school’s chapel with worshippers each day.
  • “It’s praise and worship, honestly. Nobody’s snake-handling. It’s just praise and worship that’s going around 24/7,” said Jim Shores, an associate professor at the school.
  • Viral Tik-Tok videos have inspired viewers to visit Asbury themselves, gaining enormous momentum among Gen Z.
  • “It’s really been student-led, but now the world’s coming in to be like, ‘I want to experience this.’ People are just hungry to have an experience,” Shores said.