Republicans Ready with 500 ‘Preservation Letters’ Sent for Investigations

Armed with subpoena power if they win the House in November, Republicans are ready for a full-court press of investigations, as evidenced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sharing just how far-reaching their preparations are in the months leading up to the midterm elections.

More than 500 “preservation letters” have already been sent to various agencies and individuals, demanding that they not destroy certain documents and data, in anticipation of a GOP takeover, McCarthy declared when speaking with the New York Post.

“We’ve done the combination of all the different committees sending it already. We’ve been clear what we want and what we want to see,” McCarthy was quoted as saying last month, per a Politico reporter, who noted that “key” areas of investigation included the origins of COVID-19, the Justice Department allegedly going after parents at school board meetings, and the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Another matter Republicans are eager to dig into is Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings while his father, President Joe Biden, was vice president for eight years. McCarthy explained to the New York Post how GOP investigators are interested in dozens of U.S. intelligence veterans who signed a letter released to the public roughly two weeks before the 2020 election suggesting the emergence of Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a Russian interference operation. Various news outlets, including the Washington Examiner, have had investigators authenticate copies of his hard drive.

“People can come in and talk to us and answer the questions. If that’s not the case there are times we will use the subpoena as well,” McCarthy said. House Republicans have already demanded records from these former intelligence officials, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

President Biden’s son is the focus of a major investigation at the Department of Justice. But many Republicans and conservative-leaning media believe the rest of the media and Big Tech are largely ignoring and even suppressing the story. Hunter Biden revealed he was under investigation shortly after the 2020 election.

Most recently, it was reported that prosecutors are weighing charges for alleged tax violations and for making a false statement in connection to the purchase of a firearm at a time when he should have been blocked from obtaining such a weapon because of a drug addiction. A report from CNN last month on the latest deliberations said the federal investigation has reached a “critical juncture.” The younger Biden has denied wrongdoing.