Republicans Outspending Democrats, Record 2022 Midterms Price Tag Shows

The total cost of 2022 state and federal midterm elections is projected to exceed $16.7 billion, according to a recent new analysis by the Washington, D.C. non-profit OpenSecrets.

The analysis found Republicans have outspent Democrats when it comes to federal candidates and political committees this midterm election cycle.

Republican spending amounted to $4.6 billion, compared to Democrats’ $3.9 billion.

In governor’s races, Republicans also out fundraised Democrats. OpenSecrets found Democrat raised an estimated $823 million, while Republicans’ funds raised amounted to about $1.1 billion.

In the four battleground states, OpenSecrets also published a breakdown of the outside spending in the U.S. Senate races in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

In Pennsylvania, where Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz takes on Democratic candidate John Fetterman, the total outside spending came to $194,505,683. An estimated $30,456,638 was spent for Democrats, while $82,975,429 was spent against Democrats. That compared to $12,375,383 spent for Republicans and $68,698,233 spent against.

In the Georgia senate race, Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock is defending his seat against Republican challenger Herschel Walker, total outside spending amounted to $139,022,287.

OpenSecrets found $11,600,472 was spent for Democrats, while $56,309,839 was spent against Democrats. That is compared to the $12,866,086 spent for Republicans and the $58,245,890 spent against Republicans.

In Nevada, total outside spending came to $101,603,789. Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is running against Republican Adam Laxalt.

An estimated $17,904,587 was spent for Democrats, while $50,360,272 was spent against. Regarding Republican spending, $5,623,477 was for, while $47,038,421 in funding was spent against GOP candidates.

Total spending from outside groups in Arizona amounted to $101,603,789. Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., is running against Republican challenger Blake Masters. Democratic outside groups spent $17,977,899 for Democratic candidates and another $38,063,231 against Republicans. Meanwhile, Republican outside groups spent $9,203,052 for Republicans and $38,063,231 against Democrats.

Reporting from Fox News.