Republican Leaders Present Three Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

Republican House Representatives led by Bob Gibbs of Ohio have filed three articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on Tuesday, while the Democratic leader was at the U.N. General Assembly. Gibbs, who was joined by Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Brian Babin and Randy Weber of Texas, said he filed the articles of impeachment “based on what I believe to be clear violations of his duties as president.”

In a post to his Facebook page, Rep. Gibbs explained that President Biden’s “willful negligence of the border crisis is a failure to maintain and defend American sovereignty. Biden’s attempts to extend a federal eviction moratorium despite the Supreme Court’s warning and his own admission that he has no power to do so is a blatant and intentional action that violates the separation of powers.”

Rep. Gibbs also accused President Biden of releasing thousands of migrants into the U.S. without ordering a court appearance for an immigration hearing on a specific date. He added that President Biden even allowed migrants who tested positive for COVID to enter the U.S., and extended the eviction moratorium despite a Supreme Court ruling that urged him to seek congressional approval first, the New York Post reported.

According to Breitbart, the first article of impeachment involves President Biden’s violation of “his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President” regarding the crisis at the border, while the second article of impeachment relates to the aforementioned federal moratorium on evictions. The third article of impeachment claims that President Biden violated one of the key principles of American republicanism.

“[President Biden is] not capable of being commander-in-chief, and that’s obvious by the actions since Day One when he took the presidency back in January,” Rep. Gibbs argued, adding that the Democratic leader “failed to act responsibly as Commander in Chief with regard to the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan.”

Rep. Gibbs blasted the failed pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, claiming that the U.S. president “abandoned” Americans in Afghanistan by evacuating military first before evacuating allies and civilians, therefore “willfully putting their lives at risk.” He also condemned the Democratic leader’s withdrawal operation that left Afghanistan “in the hands of a terror-supporting regime and weakens America’s ability to prosecute the Global War on Terror.”

This is not the first time President Biden was slapped with articles of impeachment. When the Democratic leader was sworn into the White House in January, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia filed an article of impeachment for “abuse of power by enabling bribery” over Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Rep. Greene added two articles of impeachment in August over the Afghanistan withdrawal, while Republican Rep. Randy Weber of Texas filed in September articles of impeachment against President Biden, who did not heed the warning of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who said that Afghanistan may quickly be overrun by the Taliban.