Republican Katie Britt Becomes Alabama’s First Elected Female Senator

Katie Britt of Alabama set a historical record by being the first Republican female elected Senator for the state. Britt’s “Alabama First” campaign allowed her to defeat six-term Representative Mo Brooks. Britt will take the seat of Richard Shelby, whom she once worked for, as he is retiring.

From Fox News:

"You are going to see headlines about me being the first woman ever elected to the United States Senate from this state of Alabama. You’ll hear that I may be the youngest Republican woman in history elected to the U.S. Senate," Britt told supporters in Montgomery. "Or maybe that I’m the only Republican female with school-aged children in this Senate -- these are all kinds of firsts." 

"I am humbled, I am honored and grateful. I want you to know I understand what a tremendous responsibility these milestones carry and I do not take that lightly," she added.  

"We have far too many politicians in Washington that only want to gripe about things and do nothing to actually solve the problems," Britt also said. "What I want you to hear from me tonight is that I want to be part of the solution. It’s not lost on me that that’s likely why Alabama is sending a momma to the U.S. Senate – you know to actually get things done."