Reports Claim Russia Hired 400 Mercenaries to ‘Assassinate’ Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Over 400 mercenaries were allegedly flown in from Africa to Ukraine by the Kremlin to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

  • A report from The Sunday Times indicates that there are reports that more than 400 Russian mercenaries have been brought into Kyiv by order of the Kremlin.
  • The publication indicates they have reason to believe these mercenaries have been tasked with assassinating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as Russia invades Ukraine.
  • According to a source cited by the Times, the mercenaries were coordinated by The Wagner Group, which is a private militia group run by allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Saturday morning information reached the Ukrainian government in Kyiv about the alleged assassination attempt.
  • The government promptly declared a 36-hour “hard” curfew to sweep the city for Russian saboteurs, according to the times.
  • Local citizens were also warned they could be seen as Krimlinn agents and risk being “liquidated” if they broke the curfew and went outside.
  • Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine last week. However, Ukraine is “mounting a stiff resistance,” according to MSN News.
  • While the conflict shows no signs of stopping, there have been officials from both nations that meet for peace talks near Ukraine’s border with Belarus, according to Fox News.