Report Reveals Chinese Communist The Second Largest Foreign Owner of American Land

A new report revealed the second-largest foreign owner of United States land is now allegedly a Chinese communist.

According to The Land Report, a magazine that tracks private landownership in the country, released its report on the top 100 landowners in the U.S., claiming Chinese communist billionaire Tianqiao Chen ranked 82nd.

Chen reportedly made the list by buying 198,000 acres of timberland in Oregon for $85 million in 2015.

The billionaire has also allegedly purchased several valuable properties including the Seeley Mudd Estate in Los Angeles and the Vanderbilt Mansion in Manhattan.

The Daily Caller previously reported that Chen has extensive links to the Chinese communist regime, in addition to being a member of the Chinese Communist Party since 1991.

Additionally, The Beijing Review claims Chen is an admirer of Mao Zedong, the dictator responsible for nearly 65 million Chinese personnel.

“I’m deeply concerned that individuals tied to the Chinese Communist Party are buying up Oregon timberland,” Republican Rep. Lori Chavez said.

“Foreign ownership of United States lands is a serious problem that has rightfully sparked unease among farmers, ranchers and foresters across the country,” Chavez continued.