‘Repeat the Line’: White House Retroactively Alters Transcript to Smooth Biden’s Gaffe

During a speech about his new abortion-focused executive order, 79-year-old President Joe Biden once again found himself struggling to properly vocalize the words on his teleprompter.

But that’s not a new occurrence. As a matter of fact, it has happened over and over and over and over again, but this time Biden’s handlers at the White House had his back.

Clips of the speech clearly show the gaffe-prone president saying “end of quote. Repeat the line.”

Biden’s verbal slip appeared to prompt a smirk from Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. it immediately caught the attention of quite a few Twitter users as well who turned the moment into a chance to mock the elderly president and his corrupt son, Hunter Biden.

The White House transcript of Biden’s address, however, was changed to claim Biden said “end of quote. Let me repeat the line.”

Reporting by The Federalist.