Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Promises to Do Everything She Can to Imprison Anthony Fauci for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told the audience at Turning Point USA’s People Convention that she would be doing everything she could to lock up Dr. Anthony Fauci for “crimes against humanity.”

 “Lock him up,” the crowd chanted, and Greene responded by saying, “If I have anything to do with it, we will lock him up.”

“I was in Washington, D.C., and I’ll never forget when the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi, as speaker of the House, brought in nearly 30,000 National Guardsmen and turned our Capitol complex into a military base,” Greene told the audience at the conference.

“And you weren’t allowed in there.”

 “The American people weren’t allowed in there. And then they proceeded to shut down the country over Covid. They masked schoolchildren. They shut down schools. They closed beaches. They silenced your speech. They kicked you out social media. They attacked the very core of our freedoms, all for a virus that they made in a lab in Wuhan, China,” Taylor Greene said.

“Well, I can assure you, if I have anything to do with it, we will lock him up! He belongs in prison!”