Rep. Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado Primary

Boebert is endorsed by Trump.

  • Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert secured the Republican nomination and will be headed to the general election in an attempt to secure a second term.
  • Boebert was declared the winner of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District GOP nomination over her moderate opponent, state Rep. Don Coram.
  • “Freedom wins!” she wrote in a tweet after the results were announced. “Thank you for all of your support.”
  • Boebert had also received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump ahead of the primary.
  • “I’m thrilled the voters showed their confidence in me to continue being their Representative,” Boebert said after the win. “Hard-working Americans recognize now is not the time to go along to get along, it’s time to stand up and fight for our American way of life. That is exactly what I will continue to do.
  • “Conservative Republicans like me are going to help take back the House in November, fire Nancy Pelosi, and do all we can to get our country back on track,” she had previously stated about her campaign.
  • Boebert also described herself and Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois—who also won her GOP primary—as “Moms, freedom fighters, and professional RINO hunters!” in another tweet.
  • Trump has made 17 endorsements in the recent state primaries, including races in Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, and Alabama.
  • In addition to Boebert’s primary win, Trump-endorsed candidates won four races in Illinois, four in Oklahoma, three in Utah, and five races in Alabama.