Rep. James Comer Says Biden Used Pseudonyms to Disguise Communications

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said that investigating the fake names used by President Joe Biden in emails is a priority in his impeachment inquiry.

“Right now, I think one of the most important amount of documentation that we need are those pseudonym emails,” Comer said on Fox News. “Remember, no one knew about the pseudonym emails until a few months ago we found that Joe Biden was using at least three fake names on government emails.”

“What we did not know until recently was that he was, in fact, using those pseudonym emails to communicate with not just his son, Hunter Biden, but also with his shady business associates,” he continued.

The email aliases Biden used include “robinware456,” “JRBware,” and “RobertLPeters.”

While some agencies said, “These are junk emails,” Comer said the email aliases provided critical information.

“But what we learned from the indictment [against Hunter Biden] in California, [is] several of those emails that Joe Biden used a pseudonym were used as evidence against Hunter Biden in his failure to pay taxes … that is important evidence there,” Comer claimed.

Discussing Hunter Biden’s failure to appear before the committee and when he will be held in contempt, Comer said, “I hope it’s as soon as we get back.”

Instead of appearing for his deposition, Hunter Biden spoke from the Capitol lawn, saying the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into his business dealings is “illegitimate.”

“I’m here today to make sure the House committee’s illegitimate investigations of my family do not proceed on distortions, manipulated evidence, & lies. I’m here today to acknowledge I have made mistakes in my life & wasted opportunities and privileges I was afforded. For that I am responsible.”

“James Comer, Jim Jordan, Jason Smith, and their colleagues have distorted the facts by cherry-picking lines from a bank statement, manipulating texts I sent, editing the testimony of my friends and former business partners, and misstating personal information that was stolen from me,” Biden added. “There is no fairness or decency in what these Republicans are doing. They have lied over and over about every aspect of my personal and professional life.”