Renowned Doctor Explains What God-Fearing People Can Do Amid Tyrannical Government Orders

Stew Peters and Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko talked in depth about COVID-19, the spiritual struggle between good and evil, “vaccines,” and other falsehoods that are being propagated throughout the globe.

Dr. Zelenko, a board-certified family physician with over two decades of experience, sparked a nationwide debate last year by recommending hydroxychloroquine as part of a coronavirus treatment cocktail. Dubbed as the “Zelenko Protocol,” this has reportedly increased COVID-19 overall survival.

Last month, he stood before the Israeli Rabbinic Court to give testimony and present the results of his research on the virus and possible treatments.

His latest interview for the Stew Peters Show was posted to Rumble on Friday.

Dr. Zelenko maintained that the purported COVID shot has no medical function and is unnecessary, claiming that the relentless push for it is consistent with the globalist goal to depopulate the planet by eliminating the weak and leaving only the best of humanity.

“What’s really going on here is coordinated, but it’s coordinated on such a high level that ‘we’ll be able to pull this off,’ has control over different industries, controlled media, social and mainstream,” he said.

Those behind the alleged pandemic have influence over politics, education, and other sectors, he said. And just a few individuals are able to manage and influence such large businesses.

In the minds of those who orchestrated this, he said, they see the world through a lens that denies the sanctity of life by establishing a “value structure” in society.

“They believe that the most intellectual, smartest, that have the best genetic gene pool — we could say– those are the ones that are should be on top of dominance,” he said. “And that’s what they’ve done. They’ve created now a system where it’s the super elite and the rest of us serve two purposes–one is to serve the super elite.”

“This sounds crazy, except that that’s what the Nazis did it years ago. They declared themselves descendants of Nordic gods, the Embrace superhumans,” he added.

Many of Dr. Zelenko’s ancestors were murdered in Europe during the Holocaust. Thus, he didn’t hold back in stating that other Europeans were treated as slaves by the German Nazis during their reign of terror and that people like Jews and Slavs were doomed for destruction.

Elon Musk’s humanoid robots, he said, are projected to replace 90% of current manual work in the near future. Taking a deeper look, Dr. Zelenko believes this is heading to a situation where people will need a universal basic income.

Taking everything that has been going on at the same time, he likened it to puzzle pieces that, when put together, would reveal the overall picture of what is going on.

As the mainstream media serves those who engineered the outbreak, Dr. Zelenko and Peters examine why individuals capable of awareness and free choice do not perceive basic truth, do not notice the tyranny slowly creeping into their lives, but instead welcome it with a smile.

Doctor Zelenko believes the explanation is that social equality has been in the works for many generations. Instead of providing students with skills, analysis, logical reasoning, or testing their intellectual capacities like he used to do, he claimed instructors in academia are no longer teaching kids how to think.

“No, it’s about indoctrination,” he said, adding that the higher education system has purposefully taken away people’s future capacity to think while leaving them with enough to robotically obey.

“And so, most people respond to stimuli, a terminal window,” he remarked.

The real pandemic now is fear and isolation, which are mentally incapacitating people. Thus, they are susceptible to any false promise. People with seemingly competent brains switch off their thoughts and drift emotionally to a false fix, which they subsequently defend at any costs, and so on.

Dr. Zelenko predicts that the present deceit and turmoil will continue for many years. Peters responded by asking whether there is anything humanity can do while still trusting God.

“Tech boasts that the modernization of the society begins with the modernization of the individual,” Dr. Zelenko answered. “And the opposite is true as well. A refinement of a society begins with the refinement of the individual. You’re asking me what to do? I cannot control the brain, but I can potentially control an iron. Now, what we can do is take what is within our control.”

Dr. Zelenko’s remark echoes what Gab CEO Andrew Torba and other Christian intellectuals are now working on. Torba said in one of his blogs that the best approach to combat an irredeemable and corrupt system is to create another system. Once established, the new system will be powerful enough to overthrow the corrupt one.

But back to Dr. Zelenko, he expressed a “weird sense of optimism,” declaring that the ultimate end would be the unraveling of false narratives, and that the propaganda that has been established for centuries via the media would be uncovered and just fade away.