Reasons Never to Vote Democrat Again, Vol. II: The Big, Blue Crime Wave

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The Democrats aren’t tough on crime; they create it. It’s part of the plan.

Just before the “pandemic,” leading apparatchiks like former New York Gov. Andrew “Handsy” Cuomo decided prisons and bail laws were somehow “racist.” He began letting convicts out early and scrapping the bail laws, keeping them out of jail and back on the streets, committing more crimes. Once COVID-19 hit, New York State used it as an excuse to ramp up its early release plans, even though being incarcerated sounds like a wonderful example of social distancing. Other Democrat leaders followed Cuomo’s lead and began letting thugs out of jail.

Commie District Attorneys (DAs) around the country, many pimped out by legendary bolshie George Soros, began to do the same, letting the bad guys out and keeping them out, either with no-bail laws or by simply not chasing and arresting people in the first place. Chicago went so far as to limit which criminals cops could chase on foot.

Commie strongholds like Chicago and the state of California decided shoplifting was cool as long as the perp wasn’t greedy and didn’t swipe more than $1,000 worth of goodies. Twitter exploded with videos of people helping themselves to someone else’s property.

Then came the “defund the police” movement, which gutted police departments nationwide.

The table was set: criminals are free, there are no bail laws to keep them in jail if they’re arrested at all, and police departments are defunded. One Democrat-created crime wave, comin’ up!

  • Murder rates exploded across the nation.
  • Much of the crime wave comes from large, blue cities.
  • Some major cities are so desperate to stop the crime surge that they want to pay criminals to stop terrorizing people.
  • Over 100 businesses in Seattle alone either closed down permanently or moved.
  • Black people are paying the price of the crime explosion.

Why would the Democrats create a crime wave? It would seem absurdly evident that releasing criminals, gutting bail laws, and decriminalizing offenses will result in a nationwide crime surge that will disproportionally affect innocent black people. They absolutely knew. It was all part of the plan.

The plan was to create chaos and crime. Chaos creates fear and uncertainty, and this is where communism thrives. The Democrats created today’s crime surge and now use the stats, especially shootings, to try to take away the guns of law-abiding Americans. The more people who are shot, the more “proof” they have that Americans should be unarmed — you know, for “our safety.”

We learned that the Democrats, using “systemic racism” as an excuse, let criminals out and kept them out, knowing they’d commit more crimes and society would break down. We know that people are now murdering each other at historically high rates. We also know black people are taking the brunt of this crime wave. Tell that to your liberal sister-in-law and her non-binary, man-bunned soy boi.

This is not JFK’s Democrat party and hasn’t been for years. Americans must remember the crime and carnage wrought by the toilet people in the Democrat Party when we vote this November and thereafter. It’s time to gut the Democrat Party and throw it on the trash heap of defunct political parties once and for all.

Reporting from PJ Media.