Rapper Macklemore Releases Anti-Israel Song, Slams President Biden

Rapper Macklemore released an anti-Israel song this week, praising the protests spreading across college campuses, calling out President Biden, the police and the music industry. 

The track, titled “Hind’s Hall,” refers to the Columbia University building that students occupied and renamed in honor of a six-year-old Palestinian girl.

Macklemore criticized police forces for shutting down the illegal encampments, saying, “What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace?”

“[Expletive] the police,” he continued. “Actors in badges protecting property and a system that was designed by white supremacy.”

The rapper went on to criticize President Biden for not doing more to negotiate a ceasefire and stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“The blood is on your hands Biden, we can see it all,” the rapper said. “And [expletive] no, I’m not voting for you in the fall.”