Rand Paul Says COVID-19 ‘One of the Greatest Cover-Ups in Modern Medical History’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called the Covid-19 pandemic “one of the greatest cover-ups in modern medical history.” The statement follows the Department of Energy conclusion that a lab leak is the likely origin of the pandemic. The senator asserted that the cover-up began with Fauci’s lies of gain-of-function research. “You can go back and see the emails between him and Francis Collins, who is head of NIH, them conspiring basically to cover this up. But now we have a mountain of evidence,” said Paul. “The problem is much of it is classified. But The New York Times reported from the Department of Energy that their scientists now believe that this came from a lab is actually classified and somebody leaked it illegally.”

From Summit News:

“No parent with any lick of common sense would allow their kid to be vaccinated after they’ve already had COVID and had myocarditis from the vaccine,” said Paul, adding  “But the CDC’s recommendation is that your kid should get a second vaccine as soon as their heart is better.”

“This is why nobody trusts the CDC because no mom with any bit of common sense would ever subject their kid to another vaccination after they added heart inflammation from the first one,” Paul urged.

“This is how idiotic these people are, and how moronic, they have destroyed trust,” he added.