Ramaswamy’s Presidential Run: A Game of Smoke and Mirrors? (Opinion)

Originally published August 31, 2023 1:28 pm PDT

  • The companies belonging to Republican 2024 Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy are deeply intertwined with the world’s largest “Great Reset”-alligned asset manager responsible for globalizing neo-Marxism.
  • Vivek is not running for president—he’s running for a Trump admin position to oversee BlackRock while pretending to be critical of the woke money manager.
  • This strategy is known as “regulatory capture.”

In a world where wokeness (neo-Marxism) permeates corporations worldwide, 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy sells himself as an anti-woke crusader.

Conservatives have recently stopped buying from companies like Target and Bud Light, both of which aligned themselves with transgenderism and suffered financially for it after being boycotted.

But the anti-woke trend among the American population has been on the rise for years.

Capitalizing on the opportunity, Ramaswamy wrote a book in 2021 titled “Woke Inc.

The book is highly critical of BlackRock, the world’s largest financial asset manager.

BlackRock, an official partner of the “Great Reset”-advancing World Economic Forum (WEF), not only owns a piece of virtually every major international corporation, but its CEO Larry Fink has admitted to “forc[ing]” neo-Marxist behaviors onto those companies.

(Ramaswamy recently went to great publicly displayed lengths to remove his association with the WEF, even suing the group for portraying him as one of its “young global leaders.”)

BlackRock forces companies to push ESG, so-called “climate change,” DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), pandemic-hyping, and pro-China narratives onto their billions of customers.

Ramaswamy is right to criticize BlackRock for doing so.

But is Ramaswamy really against BlackRock as much as he purports to be? Or is he pretending to be anti-woke in order to trick Donald J. Trump—the far-and-away 2024 Republican Presidential contender—into appointing him to a future cabinet position that regulates money managers, ultimately in order to protect BlackRock?

Will Ramaswamy proceed to allow BlackRock to continue forcing neo-Marxist behavior onto international corporations while pretending to be working to keep it from doing so?

Is he conducting a “regulatory capture” operation, when individuals or entities that are meant to regulate a particular industry or sector end up being influenced or controlled by the very entities they are supposed to regulate?

It looks that way.

Especially since Ramaswamy’s two companies—Roivant Sciences and Strive Asset Management—have many financial ties to BlackRock.

Vivek founded Roivant in 2014.

And although he stepped down as CEO in January 2021, he stayed on as Roivant’s executive chairman through February 2023, when he stepped down to focus on his presidential campaign.

But he’s still heavily invested in Roivant. Retaining a reported 7.17% stake in the company means he’s the company’s sixth-largest shareholder.

Astoundingly, one of Roivant’s “largest shareholders” is, wait for it: BlackRock.

Screenshot from fintel.io taken August 31, 2023

Another one of Roivant’s largest shareholders is Morgan Stanley, which in turn is owned by BlackRock, too.

So the very company belonging to the very man who is claiming to be critical of BlackRock is in fact owned by BlackRock.

This relationship represents a conflict of interest, raising questions about whether Vivek can be trusted to oversee BlackRock and other neo-Marxism-alligned asset managers in a future Trump administration.

What about Ramaswamy’s other company, Strive?

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management Bill Ackman were among the early financial backers providing seed money for Strive, according to InfluenceWatch.org.

Both PayPal and Perishing Square are owned by BlackRock.

Joe Lonsdale, the co-founder with Thiel of the software maker Palantir Technologies, also provided early investment for Strive.

Palantir is owned by BlackRock, as well.

If Vivek is against BlackRock, why does he have so many financial ties to it?

Nevertheless, Vivek’s strategy appears to be working on Trump.

The former president recently praised Ramaswamy during an interview with conservative thought leader Glenn Beck.

Trump called Ramaswamy “smart,” “young,” and “full of talent” when asked what he thinks of a “Vice President Ramaswamy,” Axios reported.

“He’s a very, very, very intelligent person. He’s got good energy, and he could be some form of something,” Trump said. “I tell you, I think he’d be very good.”