Radical Recall Challenges OUSD Progress: A Trustee’s Perspective

Since my election to the Orange Unified School District’s Board of Education in 2022, our focus has been clear: prioritize students and empower parents. Yet, recent actions by the Orange Unified Education Association, the teachers’ union for OUSD, have threatened this progress. Their aggressive recall campaign, driven more by political interests than genuine concern for education, jeopardizes our district’s advances.

Under my leadership, the board has:

  • Introduced the Parental Bill of Rights, ensuring that parents have a clear role in their child’s education.
  • Minimized potential political influences by allowing only state, city, or federal flags on campus flagpoles.
  • Instituted a parental notification policy, requiring the district to inform parents of changes to their child’s mental healthcare.

But our journey doesn’t end here. We’re poised to further enhance our curriculum in the coming months, reinforcing our commitment to quality education.

Regrettably, this recall initiative, backed by dubious claims and false allegations, has cast a shadow over our endeavors. Claims such as my purported negligence leading to a child’s drowning, Board President Rick Ledesma’s baseless stabbing accusation, and the exaggerated expense of a $27,000,000 pool are not just falsehoods but divisive tactics. More concerning are personal attacks, such as those against my father’s property.

Every parent, educator, and stakeholder should be aware of the financial consequences of this recall. With potential costs ranging from hundreds of thousands to an estimated 1.2 million dollars, it’s not just our progress at stake but our district’s funds. It’s vital to note that some leading this recall have a history of diverting funds from other school districts, potentially compromising OUSD’s financial integrity.

In conclusion, while every citizen has a right to voice their concerns and seek change, it’s essential to discern genuine grievances from politically motivated agendas. Let’s prioritize our children’s education over divisive politics.

For more information, visit https://protectousdkids.com/ or reach out to Madison Miner by email mminer@OrangeUsd.org.