‘Quick-Thinking and Bravery’: Heart-Pumping Bodycam Footage Shows Selfless Cops ‘Frantically’ Scrambling to Save Man From Burning Car

Two Atlanta police officers are receiving praise from their department after risking their safety and lives on Sunday to pull a man from a burning vehicle.

Officers W. Adams and M. Todd arrived at the scene of a burning car that still had a man inside. When they realized the door handle wasn’t operating and the man was trapped, they had to take quick action. 

And the cops’ “quick thinking and bravery” helped save the man’s life.

“They frantically attempted a few more times to open the door to no avail and decided the best option would be to pull him through the driver side window, which they shattered to gain access,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement. “The officers used their body weight and strength to pull the male through the window to safety.”

The dramatic rescue was captured on bodycam footage (caution: language):

“He’s still in there!” someone yelled as the cops arrived at the scene. The officers quickly rushed to the driver’s side of the vehicle, where they struggled to get the man out of a window. 

Once the cops freed him from the car, they dragged him to safety. He reportedly sustained only minor injuries.

Like other close calls, the end result of this nail-biting incident could have been tragic for both the man inside the car and for Adams and Todd, who thought little of their own safety as they scrambled to free him from potential burns — or worse.

“The officers had no idea if that fire would result in an explosion which would put their lives in danger, instead they were focused on saving the driver,” the department said. “These are the humble, yet heroic moments in an officer’s day, which never make media headlines.”

As WSB-TV reported, authorities believe the car went through two homes before hitting a tree and erupting in flames. The cause of the chaotic scene is reportedly unknown. Praise God for the safety of all those involved.