Protesters Demand ‘Free Speech’ Outside Facebook Headquarters

Protesters chanted “Free Speech” outside of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park in California on Thursday evening.

California gubernatorial primary candidate Reinette Senum, who is running against Gavin Newsom on an anti-corruption platform, made an impassioned case for politics that deviates from the two-party system. Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks in California, kept the doors of his church open to parishioners in defiance of Coronavirus tyranny, and he was at the protest to keep the spirit of activism alive as protesters called out Facebook for censoring the truth about vaccine injuries.

“Because of Zuckerberg, because of the censorship, we have also lost many lives,” said wheelchair-bound vaccine victim Breanne Dressen, who discussed suicides of people she knew. Dressen was a participant in the AstraZeneca clinical trial, and the preschool teacher describes how she was “red pilled” by her own injuries.

“They manipulate our elections,” said Pastor Rob, who praised Truther activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Judy Mikovits, the star of the Truther documentary Plandemic, which featured my work for NATIONAL FILE. “They are responsible for the deaths of our children,” said Pastor Rob.

“I know you are awake, you know the real truth,” said the broadcaster of the Reiki Energy Healing Los Angeles Youtube page, which livestreamed the Facebook headquarters protest over multiple broadcasts.

“It is one of the most dire issues of our time and it must be stopped now. Censorship is about hiding the truth. We must all come together to stand against censorship. The whole world is watching,” said a woman representing Children’s Health Defense. “Our presence here today is how we win,” she said.

Reporting from National File.