Protecting Women’s Sports from Trans Athletes Is Winning over Gen Z: Rep. Cammack

Preserving women’s sports is a big draw for Gen Z voters, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said Thursday during a roundtable on transgender athletes.

Cammack, the youngest Republican woman in Congress, observed the issue was not just “bipartisan” but also winning over the nation’s youngest voting bloc, a comment that came in response to a question from Breitbart News on if Republicans’ push for protecting women’s sports was appealing to swing voters.

“Look at these women out here,” Cammack said to a room of female athletes, adding, “Look at these athletes. This is not just a bipartisan issue. This is an issue that is winning the youngest generation of voters. These are issues that are impacting Gen Zs in ways that other generations can’t even really comprehend.”

She spoke alongside multiple top female athletes who had been forced into competing against men, as well as several of her colleagues on the Republican Study Committee (RSC) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Gen Zs are “getting involved, they’re getting motivated, and they will be showing up to voice their absolute disgust for what is happening and the opportunities that are being taken away from them because this country is not about equal outcome. It’s about equal opportunity,” Cammack said. “And these girls are being stripped of their opportunity to compete.”

McCarthy observed that the push to protect women’s sports was drawing those outside the GOP to the Republican Party. “I’ve seen people who are not Republican at all, that this issue has propelled them. I’ve seen mothers and fathers who never thought they’d be Republican see what happened to their daughters,” McCarthy said.

Concerned Women for America President Penny Nance was also present at the event and pointed to a recent Washington Post poll that found a majority of respondents, and not just Republicans, oppose allowing men to compete in women’s sports.

Nance observed a recent comment from Hillary Clinton published in the Financial Times in which Clinton dismissed the transgender issue and warned that Democrats must instead focus on winning their next elections. Clinton was hit with fierce backlash from far-left commenters who tied her remark to fascism or decried her as a “TERF,” or trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

“The Democrats are foolish, so much so that Hillary Clinton said … a few days ago that this is a losing issue for her party. She didn’t say it as directly as I’m saying it, but she said it, and she was called a TERF for it. So it is clearly a bipartisan issue,” Nance said.

The event, organized by RSC chair Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), took place on the 50th anniversary of Title IX going into effect, and on the same day, President Joe Biden’s Department of Education announced proposed changes to Title IX that would, in part, force “gender identity” acceptance in schools and school activities.

Many of the athletes present at the roundtable also participated in an “Our Bodies, Our Sports” rally Thursday morning. They included Riley Gaines, who tied with Lia Thomas, a man, in an NCAA swimming championship event, and Cynthia Monteleone, a world champion track athlete.

Watch the full roundtable below:

Reporting from Breitbart.