Pro Surfing Legend Kelly Slater Says Mother’s Neurological Disorder Linked to COVID Vaccine

11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater recently spoke out about the dangers linked to the experimental Covid-19 jabs after his mother was diagnosed with a neurological disorder following her shot.

Slater said during a Zoom meeting, “For me to see people who were very, very pro-vax… very anti-someone just doing their own thing, who have now either had themselves or someone else affected by the vaccine… a number of people I know died. I know a doctor who stopped administering in Australia because two or three of his patients died on the Sunshine Coast.”

“My mom was personally affected, she lost feeling in her jaw and tongue and in her hands and feet. She has what seems to be some type of transverse myelitis,” Slater continued.

Next, the surfer claimed the mother of one of his friends in Florida is “dying slowly” in a hospital from her vaccine injury.

“It’s baffling to me that anyone would be forced to continue, to be forced to have a vaccine to keep their career, their job, their schooling, their place in society, their ability to go buy food at a store. All these things are… it’s like a dystopian society to me and I don’t think people realize that because it comes on in small waves that get you conditioned to being okay with this and then this and then this rule.”

He noted people should be able to get the jab if they please, but suggested they refrain from doing so because the potential adverse effects are irreversible.

Slater added, “But, don’t force it onto me or my loved ones and don’t make me out to be a bad person because of it because if it works then you’re fine and you shouldn’t worry about me.”

Reporting from InfoWars.