Pro-Palestinian Protest Disrupts San Francisco Christmas Festivities

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a Christmas festivity in San Franciso.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, hundreds of protestors gathered in the city’s Union Square to block Christmas shopping.

The protesters held signs reading, No Xmas as usual in a genocide,” and “DA Jenkins drop all charges on the Bay Bridge 78,” referring to an event where demonstrators blocked a bridge.

The large group chanted, “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire now.”

Videos showed protesters removing and breaking Christmas ornaments.

Another protester climbed an 83-foot Christmas tree.

Pro-Palestine demonstrators previously disrupted the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.

Ahead of the event, the New York City Police Department warned there may be protest demonstrations.

“While many of these actions would likely constitute First Amendment protected activity, they could prove disruptive to the event and potentially pose a security risk,” the warning stated.

“Malicious actors may view mass gatherings, iconic locations and high-profile events as targets of opportunity during the holiday season,” it added.