Pro-Palestinian Activist Threatens to Murder California Mayor at Public Meeting

A Bakersfield, California protester received a $2 million bond this week after making death threats directed at city councilmembers.

Officers escorted Riddhi Patel, 28, out of a meeting of the Bakersfield City Council after she repeatedly threatened death toward councilmembers.

“I don’t have faith that you’ll do this,” Patel said to the members in response to their Gaza ceasefire resolution. “You guys are all horrible human beings and Jesus probably would have killed you himself.”

Patel, who identifies as non-binary, then threatened to cause violence if council members chose to oppress their constituents.

“I remind you that these holidays that we practice, that other people in the global south practice, believe in violent revolution against their oppressors and I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you [expletive],” Patel said.

“In the last five years I’ve attended city council meetings there’s never been metal detectors, there’s never been more cops,” Patel said. “The only reason you’re doing it is because people actually don’t care if you guys don’t like them and they’re actually resisting so you’re trying toc criminalize them.”

Mayor Karen Goh rebuked Patel, saying “that was a threat, what you said at the end, so officers are going to escort you out and take care of that.”

Officers booked Patel on eight counts of intent to terrorize and eight counts of threatening state officials.