Pro-life Org, Congressman’s Campaign Office Vandalized in Jane’s Revenge-Linked Attack

An office building shared by a pro-life organization and a Michigan Republican’s campaign office was vandalized in an attack that appears to be linked to the pro-choice extremist group Jane’s Revenge, Fox News Digital has learned.

Fox News Digital received exclusive photos from the campaign of Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., showing the damage done to the office building they share with the pro-life organization Jackson Right to Life.

“I never shy away from my record as a strong conservative and defender of life,” Walberg said in a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital. “This strong record puts me in the crosshairs from those on the radical left but I will never stand down or compromise my convictions and knowing the people at Jackson Right to Life, this will only strengthen their determination to protect the unborn.”

“Proudly, I’ve been consistently rated as Michigan’s most conservative congressman by the American Conservative Union and despite this intimidation, I will continue to fight for our principles and will stand strongly against the culture of violence and death,” he continued.

“It is shameful that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have both refused to condemn these intimidation tactics from radical pro-abortion activists,” Walberg added. “This wave of violence across the country against pro-life organizations and individuals has got to stop.”

Jackson Right to Life spokesperson Kathy Potts told Fox News Digital in a phone call that the violence from the “domestic terrorist group” will “never” deter their work or the work of other pro-life Americans.

“We just feel that it’s such a sad state of affairs that let groups like Jane’s Revenge are resorting to, like I said, domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” Potts said. “And that’s what these are.”

“They basically disagree with our beliefs. So, you know, this is how they are responding,” she continued. “And they just cannot be tolerated.”

Potts said that the group did not receive a warning ahead of the vandalism and that a lot of people view the vandalism as a response to the leaked Supreme Court abortion decision.

She also said that they “don’t hate” the vandals and are “praying for them,” but also called on federal law enforcement to take action against the vandalism.

“But we will indeed prosecute to the fullest extent of the law when they are held accountable,” Potts added.

The photos show glass from a broken first-story window inside the congressman’s office as well as the outside of the broken window with glass littering the ground.

Additionally, Jackson Right to Life’s sign was spray-painted with “Jane’s Revenge” and the glass of the front door with both the pro-life organization’s name and congressman’s campaign sticker were hit, shattering the glass.

The vandals’ attack against both Walburg’s campaign and Jackson Right to Life is the latest instance of political violence against pro-life groups and causes.

Potts also revealed that Jane’s Revenge had initially targeted the wrong address, vandalizing a random person’s home before actually making it to the office space.

Jane’s Revenge grew out of the radical side of the pro-choice crowd that was upset by the leaked draft Supreme Court decision that would gut Roe v. Wade.

Jane’s Revenge was linked to vandalism and destruction against several pro-life groups’ buildings across the country already.

The group claimed responsibility for vandalizing Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life last week with the same modus operandi of tagging the outside of the building with graffiti and breaking windows.

Jane’s Revenge wrote in a social media post the attack was “in a small gesture of defiance and joy” and that they “should’ve done more.”

Reporting from FOX News.