Pro-Gun Advocates Celebrate Alaska Gov. Dunleavy Signing Gun Store Legislation Into Law

Alaska Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy signed a measure into law over the weekend that aims to block state and local officials from closing gun stores during disasters declared by the governor.

House Bill 61, which was backed by the NRA, came in response to business closures in Alaska and other states during the COVID “pandemic” and protects a number of firearm businesses throughout the state.

“Today is a remarkable day for Alaskans, NRA members, and Second Amendment advocates,” Aoibheann Cline, the NRA Alaska State Director said.

“A decade has passed since the last major pro-Second Amendment legislation, House Bill 24, was signed into law on April 11, 2013, reinforcing our ‘Stand Your Ground’ rights. Now, with the NRA-backed House Bill 61, championed by Speaker Cathy Tilton, we witness another significant milestone,” Cline continued.

Dunleavy said that “firearms are an integral part of the Alaskan way of life.”

“We use them for protection and to feed our families, so during an emergency our Second Amendment rights become more important then ever,” he added. “This bill reflects the constitutional right Alaskans have to keep and bear arms by protecting access to both firearms and ammunition when Alaskans need it the most.”

From Fox News:

Prior to Dunleavy signing the measure into law, the bill passed the state Senate 17-3 in May and was returned to the House for a concurrence vote. The House agreed 28-12 to pass the bill one day later.