Private Chinese Network Aids Illegal Immigrants

An investigation from the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) found that a private network operated by a Chinese government agent aids illegal immigrants in entering the United States.

The American Self-Guided Tour Channel has more than 8,000 members on Telegram. The channel contains information relating to border wall gaps and provides scripts for how a migrant can answer questions posed by Border Patrol agents.

DCNF uncovered the information after obtaining a Chinese illegal immigrant’s phone, found abandoned near San Diego in January.

One document translated by the DCNF tells illegal immigrants to “be sure to prepare a story about your persecution in advance.”

Other scripts advise migrants on how to create an asylum claim. “I am [name, ancestral hometown] nationality, I was born on [birthday]. Because I suffered gender-based violence and discrimination in my motherland, I am seeking asylum in [country],” a template reads.

“My family forced me to marry, they wanted me to marry a man much older than me. When I refused, they beat me and threatened me saying that if I didn’t obey, they’d kill me. After marrying, my husband started physically and mentally abusing me, I was forced to leave my home and live in hiding. I tried seeking help from the local government, but they’re either corrupt or unwilling to help me. If I am forced to return to [motherland], I fear for my life, there I will face more violence and discrimination.”

The private channel also contains travel guides relaying information on countries with fewer restrictions against Chinese migrants. For example, a Chinese migrant traveling from China to Ecuador does not need a travel visa.

Quito, Necocli, and Colombia are other travel locations listed by the American Self-Guided Tour Channel.

The apprehension of Chinese illegal immigrants is up more than 1,400% since 2021, according to a report from America First Policy Institute.

There have also been at least 1.8 million “gotaways.”

“Chinese nationals pose a heightened risk to U.S. national security because of the CCP’s National Intelligence Law, which states that any citizen must assist their intelligence network if called. Even if all Chinese migrants apprehended at the border had no desire to harm the U.S., they could still be forcibly recruited into doing so by the CCP,” AFPI warned.