Prince Andrew May Have Been in a Romantic Relationship With Ghislaine Maxwell

Former palace security officer claims convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell came and went from the prince’s residence like a significant other.

  • Prince Andrew and recently convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell may have been an item at one time.
  • According to a report in The New York Post a former part of the royal protection team claims that Maxwell was frequently “in and out” of Buckingham Palace.
  • Paul Page, the former palace cop, says that Maxwell was a regular visitor beginning in 2001.
  • Maxwell’s visits became frequent the same year that the alleged victim of the prince’s sexual assault, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, was photographed with the member of the royal family at Maxwell’s London Home.
  • An expose called “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, and the Pedophile,” set to air on Britain’s ITV in full on Tuesday according to the Post.
  • “A colleague of mine remembered her coming in four times in one day. She kept coming in and out, in and out,” Page said in the documentary.
  • “I got the sense that Prince Andrew and Ghislaine had probably been girlfriend and boyfriend in the past,” Euan Rellie told the documentary, according to the Telegraph. “They had an easy warmth around each other,” he said.
  • “She described Andrew as being her friend, not Jeffrey’s,” British investment banker Euan Rellie recalled remembering the invitation to her Cambridge University friend Maxwell’s dinner party at Epstein’s New York townhouse.
  • Prince Andrew’s cellphone number was found in Epstein and Maxwell’s now-notorious little black book which associated him with the alleged sexual crimes the pair were involved in.
  • The prince is being sued by Giuffre who claims he assaulted her, as ABC News reported.
  • The British royal family has since distanced themselves from the prince, stripping him of his royal patronages and military titles, leaving him to defend himself as a private citizen, according to National Public Radio.