President Biden’s Third-Year Job Approval Worst From Any President Since Jimmy Carter

According to new polling data from Gallup, President Joe Biden’s approval numbers for his third year in office were the worst among every president since Jimmy Carter.

Throughout this last year in office, January 20, 2023, through January 19, 2024 — Biden had an average approval rating of 39.8%, the second worst among every president over the past 68 years.

The Daily Wire reported that since the Eisenhower administration, every president who has won re-election either cleared a 50% approval rating in their fourth year or came within two points of 50%.

“Biden begins his reelection campaign with a job approval rating significantly below the 50% mark that has been associated with winning a second term,” Gallup wrote.

“And while some presidents have seen sharp improvements in their fourth year and won a second term, Biden’s third-year rating was worse than any of theirs, suggesting he has a bigger hill to climb.” 

According to the outlet, President Barack Obama, who had an average approval rating of 48.1% in his fourth year, was the only president in the past 70 years to win a second term with a sub-50% approval rating going into his re-election.