President Biden Announces Executive Office to ‘Intensify’ Gun Control Push

President Joe Biden announced the executive Office of Gun Violence Prevention this week, pledging to use the office to “centralize, accelerate, and intensify” the gun control push.

After Biden announced the launch of the new office, he then called for an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and universal background checks.

He also called for Congress to take action for more restrictions on guns.

From Breitbart:

Biden secured the Bi-Partisan Safer Communities Act in the summer of 2022, thanks to help from Sen John Cornyn (R-Texas), who worked with Democrats to get the legislation passed.

His ATF has put in place rules defining partially complete firearm frames as firearms, has put forward a rule requiring registration of AR-pistols with stabilizer braces, and has most recently proposed a rule to bring the county nearer to universal background checks.