Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Beaten by Teenagers in Chicago

A young couple was reportedly attacked by two teenagers last week in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.

“The couple found themselves surrounded by teens around 8:30 p.m. at Grand Avenue and McClurg Court. They were kicked, stomped on, and punched repeatedly,” according to a report by Fox32 Chicago.

The woman, who was pregnant at the time of the attack, shared photos with the outlet showing a chunk of her hair pulled out and her eye still bruised during the interview.

She said she was two weeks pregnant at the time and found out after the incident that she had lost the baby.

“We believe in faith, and it wasn’t meant to be. So, we don’t know why this happened to us,” the woman said.

“They didn’t steal anything. They say like, ‘we own the street. We own the street. You can’t walk around.’ I was wearing like a nice dress and heels. Like I was out on the date with my husband, and they dragged my dress on the ground, and they said, like, ‘we own the street. You can’t just walk around prancing in your little dress.’ And they were saying things that just didn’t make any sense to me because they don’t know me personally,” she continued.

Police allegedly arrived at the scene and arrested a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, both facing one charge of misdemeanor battery.

In June 2023, American Faith reported that crime in the city of Chicago increased by 38% in the first month of far-left Mayor Brandon Johnson’s time in office.

Total crime in Chicago between May 15-June 11 2023 grew 38% compared to the same dates the previous year.

Aggravated batteries increased by 17% while burglaries increased by 12%.

Criminal sexual assaults, shootings, and car thefts also increased.