Possible Recount in Arizona Governor’s Race Under State Law

New Arizona law makes recount a possibility.

From Fox News:

Late Monday night, one week after Election Day, numerous news outlets, including the Fox News Decision Desk, called the Arizona gubernatorial race for the Democratic nominee, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. 

But with 2% of the vote still left to tally, an automatic recount could still be triggered under a new Arizona law if the race tightens.


As of Tuesday afternoon, Hobbs was around three-quarters of a percentage point ahead of her GOP opponent, Kari Lake, winning just over 50% of the vote. With approximately more than 98% of the vote counted, Hobbs' lead could possibly fall below the half-point margin needed to trigger an automatic recount as final votes come in. 

If a recount is triggered, the process will not be initiated until Dec. 5, when the secretary of state's office begins its canvass, Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett said ahead of the Nov. 8 elections. 

The canvass certifies the election results and includes vote totals from early, regular and provisional ballots, per the Arizona secretary of state's website. In this case, Arizona voters could be waiting as late as Dec. 30 before their next governor is announced, Jarrett said.

"A recount is conducted by running paper ballots from the applicable race through the designated electronic voting equipment," according to the Arizona secretary of state's website. "Once the results have been tabulated, and if the political parties request it, a hand count audit may occur."