Portland Antifa Member Found Not Guilty of Attacking Journalist

The Antifa member was found not guilty of roughing up a journalist over coverage of violent protests.

  • A Portland Antifa activist, John C. Hacker, was found not guilty of assaulting a journalist and stealing his phone.
  • The protester was allegedly frustrated over coverage of the protests by journalist Andy Ngô roughly 3.5 years ago.
  • The Portland area judge let off the alleged attacker and had some harsh words for Ngô who alleges he was attacked by Hacker multiple times.
  • Liberty Center, who have assisted the journalist with his suit, posted details of NGO v. Rose City Antifa on their website, including an overview of the actions that prompted the suit: “Defendants, through a coordinated campaign of threatened and actual violence, harassment, and stalking have sought to suppress independent journalist Ngo’s activities through a pattern of violent, harassing, and stalking behavior. Defendants are members of Antifa, a group deemed a ‘domestic terrorist group’ by President Donald Trump, and widely known for its organized violence and riotous behavior.”
  • Their analysis of the events continued: “In retaliation for Ngo’s unfavorable coverage, and in an effort to intimidate Ngo from further revealing Antifa’s illegal acts, Defendants have targeted Ngo, including by assaulting and threatening Ngo to the point of causing lasting and significant physical injuries; publicizing private and personal information about the whereabouts of Ngo and his family; and even attempting to break into his family’s home, among a multitude of other threats and acts of violence.”
  • Antifa members in Philadelphia were let off after pleading to low-level charges, thanks to a lenient district attorney whose campaign was backed by billionaire Democrat backer George Soros, as American Faith previously reported.
  • Joseph Alcoff, Thomas Keenan, and Thomas Massey were facing multiple felony charges after they beat two Latino Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, whom they mistook as members of the Proud Boys.
  • The District Attorney in the case, Larry Krasner, is thought to be among the nation’s most progressive DAs and became the subject of an impeachment campaign earlier this week.
  • Krasner is also one of the prosecutors whose campaign was substantially assisted by PACs funded by Soros, who is Hungarian.