‘Pope’s Venom’?: Doctor Makes Case COVID Virus, Vax Derived from Snake Venom—Virus Being Dispersed in Drinking Water (Video)

“Is COVID a venom, and this is why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?”

***Disclaimer: American Faith is reporting statements made in the below-mentioned interview, not endorsing said statements as fact.

  • Medical researcher Dr. Bryan Ardis sat down with Stew Peters to explain his theory behind why federal health organizations have been advising against the use of monoclonal antibodies, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other COVID-19 treatments.
  • “The things they tell you to avoid we know they’re telling you to avoid because they work,” Dr. Ardis argues in the interview, claiming he has “no doubt” that these government agencies intentionally want the sick to not recover.
  • Ardis explains that monoclonal antibodies are used as antivenom (here, here, here, here), and asks, “Why are [government agencies] bashing antivenom? And why are we finding antivenom works against COVID? Is [COVID] not a virus? Is [COVID] a venom?”
  • “Is COVID a venom, and this is why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?” Dr. Ardis asks before pointing out how the COVID spike protein is similar to krait and king cobra venom.
  • The doctor goes on to speculate that the virus is being spread in the nation’s drinking water system. “Now the thing about the water is this: they are using the water systems because they can target specific demographics,” Dr. Ardis said, adding that “the CDC is in on it. And the CDC is working with contracting companies to make sure they do it.”
  • Near the end of the interview, Ardis points out how the English word “virus” is based on a Latin word for “poisonous secretion” or “venom,” as explained by The Wall Street Journal, and how the word “corona” is defined as “a gold-colored stripe around the lower edge of a clerical headdress, as of a miter,” such as that worn by the Pope.
  • Therefore, Dr. Ardis speculates “coronavirus” could stand for “the Pope’s venom.”
  • “I think this is the plan all along,” he concluded, “to get the serpent’s, the evil one’s, DNA into your God-created DNA.”

“I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a hybrid of Satan, no longer belonging to God.”

  • Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and medical researcher who has treated over 10,000 patients and has been conducting ongoing medical research into COVID protocols.
  • He recently participated as an expert panelist for a discussion on the impact of current COVID medical protocols, such as the use of Remdesivir, in hospitals on our health, hosted by Pennsylvania’s Senator Doug Mastriano.