Polls Reveal Support for Netanyahu Continues to Rise in Israel

Recent polls have revealed that support continues to rise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“In two recent surveys, the Likud Party and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuhave received the highest levels of support since the Oct. 7 massacre. In the first war, conducted by Maariv, the Likud party has reached a new high since the onset of the conflict, marking significant gains in public support. The poll, spearheaded by Lazar Research in collaboration with Panel4All, indicates that Likud now holds 21 seats [vs. 31 for the opposition National Union Party], a peak since the Swords of Iron War began on October 7. This surge came amidst ongoing tensions and the recent thwarting of an Iranian attack,” The Jerusalem Post reported this week.

“The survey also highlights a tightening race for Prime Minister, with Benny Gantz receiving 42% of the support compared to Benjamin Netanyahu‘s 37%. The gap between the two has significantly narrowed, with Gantz’s lead shrinking from 12% to just 5% over the past week,” the outlet continued.

Netanyahu’s poll numbers have been improving in some polls despite taking a major hit in October following the Hamas terror attack.

Earlier this, Biden threatened Netanyahu over aid to Israel over its conduct in Gaza trying to defeat Hamas, American Faith previously reported.

“President Biden spoke by telephone with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The two leaders discussed the situation in Gaza. President Biden emphasized that the strikes on humanitarian workers and the overall humanitarian situation are unacceptable,” a White House statement issued earlier this month said.

“He made clear the need for Israel to announce and implement a series of specific, concrete, and measurable steps to address civilian harm, humanitarian suffering, and the safety of aid workers. He made clear that U.S. policy with respect to Gaza will be determined by our assessment of Israel’s immediate action on these steps. He underscored that an immediate ceasefire is essential to stabilize and improve the humanitarian situation and protect innocent civilians, and he urged the Prime Minister to empower his negotiators to conclude a deal without delay to bring the hostages home. The two leaders also discussed public Iranian threats against Israel and the Israeli people. President Biden made clear that the United States strongly supports Israel in the face of those threats.”