Polling Data Show Majority of Hispanic Voters Want More Border Enforcement

Over half of midterm voters think the government isn’t doing enough to combat illegal border crossings.

  • A new poll by Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA indicated that 57% of Hispanics who voted in midterms were in favor of more border protection.
  • Only about 17% believe border enforcement is currently at the correct level, and even less, around 16%, say they think the government is doing too much to stop illegal immigration.
  • Around 44% of those questioned said the Biden administration is doing a bad job of handling illegal immigration, and only around 21% said he is doing a fair job while 18% said he’s doing a good job.
  • 46% of Hispanic voters indicated they want immigration policies that reduce the level of legal immigration.
  • The poll was conducted on Nov. 9, the day after the midterm elections, and the results showed that 48% of those polled voted for a Democrat candidate in the Senate race, while 39% voted for a Republican.
  • Of those questioned, 50% of voters cast their ballot for a Democrat in their House race while just 40% said they voted for a Republican.
  • A recent report about the federal response to illegal immigration indicated that the Department of Homeland Security not only put illegal immigrant families in hotels at taxpayer expense but insisted they be given five-star treatment.
  • Contact details were obtained and reviewed by American First Legal who called some of the accommodations for immigrants “astounding.”
  • Every meal included the option of meat for immigrants, who also had 24-hour access to drinks and snacks, babysitters to watch their kids, television with English- and Spanish-language programming, and a selection of mattresses for their beds.