Poll: Voters Favor GOP Over Dems For Congress

Americans appear to favor Republicans over Democrats for Congress ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. That’s according to a new poll released Sunday that surveyed over 1,000 registered voters. According to the data, 44 percent would vote for a generic GOP candidate compared to 41 percent who would back a Democrat.

Forty-one percent of participants were Democrats, 41 percent were Republican and 19 percent were independent. Some analysts predict Republicans have a strong chance to take the majority of the body due to Democrats focusing on cultural and social issues, instead of economic issues.

Meanwhile, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said voters are focusing on avoiding an economic catastrophe and not on who will be president in 2024. During an interview Sunday, the Republican stressed the November election will be a referendum on President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s failed policies over the past two years.

Scott added, Americans care about what immediately affects them, including skyrocketing inflation, woke school curriculums and consequences of defund the police rhetoric. He pointed out Democrats are on the wrong side of those issues. The Florida lawmaker then blasted Democrats for being “do-nothing people” who just want to raise taxes, so they can spend taxpayers’ money.

“My proposal is do what I did as governor, get everybody back to work,” he stated. “When I was governor I added 1.7 million jobs. That’s how you get everybody to have skin in the game. But the Democrats, they want to spend your money.”

Scott went on to stress, Americans are feeling the pain of Democrat failed policies, adding that will likely lead to a “bloodbath” for Democrats in the midterm elections.