Poll Shows Vast Majority of Americans Want to Protect the Unborn

Around 80% of Americans said they believe the unborn have the right to life.

  • A recent poll by Americans United for Life showed that almost 90% of those surveyed say that life begins before birth.
  • The majority say that it begins at conception, and about the same amount say that children have the right to protection from violence.
  • Eighty percent of those polled say the unborn have the right to be born, indicating the increasing gulf between abortion advocates and pro-lifers.
  • Pro-life advocates have been looking to have abortion rights overturned since the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade where the court legalized abortion nationwide.
  • In the 50 years since that time the media has pushed the pro-abortion narrative, insisting that babies are not alive in the womb.
  • Experts believe that pro-abortion messaging has caused confusion among Americans, as the same poll indicated that around 51% of those polled say that abortion “ends the life of a human before birth.
  • This is despite a large majority holding the belief that life begins at conception and 80% holding to the idea that babies have a right to be born.
  • More recently, propaganda about killing the unborn being part of health care even uses phrases such as “abortion care,” as if abortion is a thing to be protected and cared for.
  • “The pregnant woman cannot be isolated in her privacy,” wrote Justice Harry Blackmun in his majority opinion in Roe, because abortion eliminates “children in the womb.”
  • The Supreme Court is currently considering the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, and a decision is expected on Friday.
  • Frustration over an anticipated restriction on abortion rights has caused attacks on pro-life centers and an investigation into the group behind the attacks.