Poll Finds Majority Believe 2024 Election Affected by Cheating

A survey from Rasmussen Reports found that the majority of likely U.S. voters believe cheating will be a factor in the 2024 presidential election.

According to the survey’s data, 56% of Americans reported cheating is “likely.”

Thirty-one percent of survey respondents believe cheating is “very likely.”

Among those who believe cheating will not affect the upcoming presidential election, 37% said it is “unlikely” cheating will be a factor in 2024 and 16% believe it is “not at all likely.”

Fifty-one percent of likely voters noted that mail-in ballots are a concern for election integrity.

Reporting from The National Pulse:

According to Rasmussen, the results of the November survey show little change from their September findings, indicating voter concern over election integrity remains strong among the likely 2024 electorate. The Heritage Foundation maintains a database documenting over 1,400 confirmed cases of voter fraud that have resulted in 1,264 criminal convictions.
The National Pulse previously reported most voting machines will not meet new federal standards in time for the 2024 election, renewing concerns about legitimacy of the results. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has refused to address serious concerns about vulnerabilities in the state’s Dominion voting machines raised in the Halderman Report.


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