Poll: Americans Have Lower Opinion Of Joe Biden Than Any Other Nation

Americans have a lower opinion of President Joe Biden’s leadership than any other nation according to a recent global survey conducted by Pew Research Center. 

On the contrary, the same poll found people living in Europe, Asia, and Canada to all have a higher regard of the current Democratic administration than America’s own people.

“Americans are the least confident in Biden out of all publics [nations] surveyed,” Pew Research said in a poll, which asked how much trust different countries put in global leaders.

The pollster asked people living in 17 different countries to rate their confidence in global leaders ability “to do the right thing regarding world affairs.”

American’s trust in President Biden dropped by 14 percentage points below the global average according to Pew Research.  

All in all, only 60% of Americans expressed belief in Biden’s intellectual competence — lower again than the response from any other country and also “well below” the global average according to the pollster which is at 74%.

People from The Netherlands were found to have the greatest support for Biden which is at 86%. 

Pew noted in its survey that the results also revealed a “partisan disagreement” in terms of belief of Biden’s decision-making ability which 88% of Democrats support, while only 27% of Republicans do so.

This 61-point trust disparity is also bigger than what Americans have for any other national leader, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Democrats are 8% more likely to trust Xi Jinping, who eliminated the two-term limit placed on presidents from the Chinese Communist Party’s constitution, something critics say clears the way for him to become president for life,” the Daily Wire said.

Meanwhile, Republicans were 8% more likely than Democrats to support Putin.

“There are a few possible takeaways from this survey. European nations may be happy to be rid of President Donald Trump, whose ‘America First’ agenda offered the first real critique in decades of unfair US-EU trade arrangements and demanded that fellow NATO members shoulder their share of the common defense,” the publication wrote.

“Or perhaps EU-member nations support Joe Biden, because he accepts a more ‘Eurosocialist’ view of an ever-expanding entitlement and welfare state; at heart, EU elites see Biden as one of their own. Then again, maybe they simply see him as offering them better deals and making fewer demands of them, like the grandfather who freely opens his wallet at each visit,” it added.

The same report said the left-leaning media appear to influence how the world sees the US.

“Nations around the world rely on the US media to accurately portray the American political situation. Foreign citizens, including foreign news outlets, imbibe US legacy media bias, having their views of the United States shaped and molded by American journalists’ subtle and not-so-subtle political motivations,”it added.

Another recent Pew survey also found that the US media have been giving Democratic President Biden less negative media coverage than any president on record while former President Donald Trump — who has often called the mainstream media for “fake news” — received the most negative press coverage. 

It also appears that individuals with the greatest information about a certain leader usually end up giving the lowest scores compared to those who don’t have access to all the information. 

Meanwhile, the report noted that Xi Jinping was regarded with the least respect in Japan, while people in Sweden gave the worst regard for Russia’s Putin. Italy — which is near France — gave the least trust to French President Emanuel Macron; and Americans, who know President Biden the most, also held the most negative regard of the Biden administration.