POLL: 91.7% Of Texans Say Child Sex Changes Should Be Illegal, But Abbott, Phelan, And Burrows Are Stalling Bill To Ban Them

An overwhelming majority of Texans want gender bending surgeries made illegal for minors, yet Abbott, Phelan, and Burrows refuse to act.

In a recent poll of Texans living in District 21, 91.7% of the respondents indicated they believe child transgender surgeries and drugs should be made illegal. This poll was released even as Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, and Texas Rep. Dustin Burrows – all Republicans – are stalling legislation to ban such surgeries and drugs for minors in the state.

According to the poll, 91.7% of parents believe that Texas politicians should pass legislation to ban children from becoming “transgendered with drugs or surgical procedures.” Similarly, 89.4% of parents believe that “parents, psychologists, and medical doctors” should not be allowed to “alter a child’s body with surgery or drugs for gender transitioning purposes.” Additionally, 92.1% of respondents believe that biological males should not be allowed to compete in girls’ sports. An overwhelming 91.6% of respondents said that it is not okay for “Texas to have a Speaker that supports chemical castration of children.”