Planed Parenthood ‘Insurrectionists’ Take Over Wisconsin Capitol Building

The pro-abortion advocates held a “pink-out.”

  • Abortion advocates held a protest at the Wisconsin Capitol Building on Wednesday, filling the rotunda with protesters.
  • The protest in Wisconsin was prompted by the likelihood that Republican senators will uphold a pro-life law that would severely limit abortion access, should Roe v. Wade be overturned.
  • “Whose choice? Our choice!” protesters chanted in the Capitol rotunda, pushing back against Republicans’ refusal to do away with the abortion ban.
  • Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec called the protesters “insurrectionists,” seeming to remind readers of last year’s Jan. 6 protest that ended in accusations of insurrection.
  • Despite pressure from protesters, Republicans refused to vote to repeal the state’s abortion ban.
  • Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI) previously signed an executive order calling for a special session of the state legislators to repeal the 173-year-old ban on abortion, saying, “Every single Wisconsinite should have the right to consult their family, faith, and doctor to make a reproductive healthcare decision that is right for them.”
  • The Democrat governor said that the special session will take place before the expected Supreme Court ruling that could overturn abortion rights. “A decision by Supreme Court to overturn Roe and decades of well-established precedent could have disastrous consequences for folks in every corner of our country,” Evers said. “Every single Wisconsinite should have the right to consult their family, their faith, their doctor to make a reproductive health decision that is right for them.”
  • Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul joined Evers’ call for Republicans to take action against the abortion ban: “While there will almost certainly be litigation over what the status of Wisconsin law is, while that litigation is playing out and the possibility of criminal prosecution for providing access to abortion services looms over the heads of physicians, access to safe and legal abortion will disappear in Wisconsin,” Kaul said. “And if the courts find that that abortion ban has an effect, it could disappear for a long time in the state of Wisconsin.”
  • The state capitol was watched closely due to a recent rash of vandalism carried out by pro-abortion advocates.
  • One of the most recent incidents took place at a crisis pregnancy center in Ashville, North Carolina which was attacked by a group calling itself “Jane’s Revenge.”