Photos Show Migrant Death Toll at Border

The photos were gathered by The National Sheriffs’ Association.

  • Border county sheriffs have collected gruesome photos of bodies near the United States-Mexico border in an effort to educate Americans about the death toll at the border.
  • The National Sheriffs’ Association is reportedly looking to shock the country into dealing with the problem at the border instead of treating open borders like a compassionate alternative to border enforcement.
  • Some images depict human skeletons covered in torn clothing, their skin and internal parts ripped off by animals or the environment.
  • Others display bodies recovered from the Rio Grande, their swollen skin peeling off from being submerged for days, while another graphic image shows the body being torn into many pieces after the migrant was struck by a train.
  • Stories of dead migrants have been flooding into conservative media, including last month, when a human smuggler attempted to avoid arrest after he rolled an overloaded pickup truck being used to smuggle migrants.
  • Two were killed and 12 more injured in the crash in Brooks County, Texas, about 80 miles from the border.
  • In June of this year, 46 migrants were killed and another 16 hospitalized after they were locked inside an abandoned trailer in Texas and left in the San Antonio Texas heat.
  • A record 2.2 million migrants were apprehended along the southwest border of the United States in the last fiscal year, as American Faith previously reported.
  • After promising to scrap President Donald Trump’s border policies, the Biden administration sees a 33% increase in migrant apprehension at the border.