Persecution of Indian Christians Unabated, 154 Acts Of Violence So Far This Year

United Christian Forum (UCF), a human rights group based in New Delhi that monitors atrocities against Christians in India, reports it has confirmed 154 incidents of violence in 17 states in the first half of the year alone in the mostly Hindu country.

“This year hasn’t been any different for Indian Christians except that Indian Christians across the globe came together to establish an exclusive day for themselves on July 3 and launched a decade of celebrations (2021-30) to honor the 2,000th anniversary of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ,” the UCF said in a statement. 

According to UCF, mob violence is usually accompanied by a police team arriving at a place of worship disrupting prayer or church services.

These violent acts continue despite many directives by the country’s Supreme Court to stop attacking Christians.

More than 600 women and over 400 tribal people and Dalits, the lowest group in the Hindu caste system, have been injured in these incidents, as well as churches and places of worship damaged or destroyed.  

New anti-conversion laws have led to many false accusations and attacks against Christians. However, the UCF reports not a single Christian has been convicted of forcing anyone to convert.