Persecution of Christians in Cuba Sees Massive Increase After 2021 Push for Freedom

Situation deteriorating for Christians in communist-controlled Cuba.

  • Persecution of Christians in Cuba has taken a sharp upturn in recent months, following pro-democracy demonstrations last summer.
  • According to Breitbart News’ exclusive report, the communist-controlled nation was overwhelmingly Catholic before it became communist.
  • The publication cited a Christian aid organization called Open Doors who added Cuba to the top of its World Watch list, which lists the places around the globe that engage in the most Christian persecution.
  • According to Breitbart’s report, the Christian Liberation Movement has been a big part of Cuba’s push for democracy since the 1990s and the Cuban Communist Party has retaliated in kind.
  •  “So this kind of violence is happening in those regions. What you have in Venezuela and particularly in Cuba is you have communist regimes who are trying to diminish the ability of the church to speak out,” David Curry, the CEO of Open Doors, explained to Breitbart News in an interview last week.
  • “Cuba has jumped up now to number 37 on the WWL and while it’s not a huge country, they are beginning to get very serious about controlling the church,” Curry explained. “Christians for some years had some degree of freedom there and they dropped off our top 50, but now they’re back.”
  • “So they’re beginning to say ‘Look, if you’re going to speak out against the cruelties of the government, we are going to crack down on you and make it difficult for you to get registered officially,’” Curry continued, “and those that are registered of course they have to toe the line. So that’s the game, a very dangerous game that’s being played in Cuba against the pastors and priests of that area.”
  • Cuba cracked down on Christians substantially since the two rounds of protests last year, one on July 11 and one on November 15, both of which saw significant support from local clergy, according to Breitbart.
  • The Communist Party of Cuba is the sole ruling party, which leads the authoritarian regime. They do not allow political opposition and aggressively repress those who engage in dissidence.
  • According to The New York Post the Havana government arrested hundreds and dozens more have been the victim of suspected “forced disappearances.”