Pentagon Opens Over 50 Investigations Concerning Ukrainian Aid

According to the inspector general, the Pentagon has opened more than 50 criminal probes into U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Inspector General Robert Storch said this week that the investigations, which are at varying stages, are examining “procurement fraud; product substitution, theft, fraud, or corruption; and diversion.”

“We have not substantiated any such allegations, though that may well change in the future,” he said.

He added that there would likely be more investigations “given the quantity and speed” of aid heading to Ukraine.

Storch reported that auditors have discovered “stresses and gaps” in supplying aid to Kyiv so far but that the Pentagon “has responded well” overall to Ukraine’s military assistance needs.

One of the investigations the Pentagon is currently conducting reportedly revolves around whether the United States balanced Ukraine’s need for munitions against its own reserve, training, and operations objectives.