Pentagon Memo Shows Trump Gave Order to ‘Make Sure’ Jan. 6 Rally Was ‘Safe’

General’s testimony contradicts claim that Trump supported violence.

  • Gen. Mark Milley’s testimony before Congress’s Select Committee on the events of Jan. 6 contradicts Democrats’ assertion that former President Donald Trump incited violence at the Capitol.
  • According to recent testimony by Milley and others before the committee, Trump gave an order to those under him on Jan. 6 to make the Capitol Hill rally as safe as possible.
  • A memo that was given to the committee and uncovered during their public hearings shows Trump asked those under him to “make sure” the rally was a “safe event.”
  • Democrats reportedly set up the public hearings, which have been in the news in recent days, to avoid scrutiny for their investigation.
  • However, the recent discoveries solidify Trump’s assertion that he had no intention of promoting violence among his supporters on Jan. 6.
  • “It’s the first time this has happened in my lifetime since McCarthyism, and it’s despicable,” said famed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat who voted for Joe Biden in 2020.
  • “The idea that they would interview this witness and allow her to testify to hearsay about the president jumping toward the wheel, without first asking the eye- and ear- witnesses. I’ve never heard of a lawyer doing that in my 16 years of practicing law. … It’s not only unethical, it’s not only unfair, it’s bad lawyering,” Dershowitz went on to say.
  • Previous reports indicate that Trump first offered the national guard to the Capitol complex a full four days before the Jan. 6 riots.
  • A Defense Department official contacted Capitol Police deputy chief Sean Gallagher on Jan. 2, 2021, asking if a request for troops was forthcoming. The offer was quickly rejected after a discussion with then-Chief Steve Sund, according to an official timeline of the Jan. 6 tragedy put together by Capitol Police.