Penn Biden Center Home Profited From Vaccine Sales, Links to China

Documents from the University of Pennsylvania reveal the fund supporting Biden’s think tank, Penn Biden Center, profited from vaccine sales. Former University of Pennsylvania Amy Guttmann, now Biden’s Ambassador to Germany, allowed international funds to be specifically used for Chinese students, leading others to question how funds were managed. In 2019, foreign donations to the University of Pennsylvania increased by about 389 percent.

From National File:

The Penn Biden Center is housed on the UPenn campus and in Washington, D.C. pulling funds directly from the general funds of the University of Pennsylvania, and Joe Biden or his surrogates can return to the Penn Biden Center after his presidency. Joe Biden’s think tank was previously managed by his current Secretary of State Tony Blinken. One donation specified “$25k each” in payment to UPenn in exchange for “Students from the People’s Republic of China admitted…”

Documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE show that the University of Pennsylvania, which hosts and funds Joe Biden’s think tank called the Penn Biden Center, directly profits from the sale of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Coronavirus vaccines. The University gets more money if more vaccines are sold. The University of Pennsylvania also gets “milestone payments” when the Biden administration’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which represents a massive conflict of interest for Biden. BioNTech pays the University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees directly, and the university is protected from civil liability if people try to sue for “bodily injury” or “death” caused by BioNTech vaccines.