Pence’s New Book Criticizes Trump for Questioning 2020 Results

A section of Mike Pence’s forthcoming biography “So Help Me God,” published by The Wall Street Journal.

  • Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized former President Donald Trump for doubting the outcome of the 2020 elections in his forthcoming memoir.
  • A portion of the former vice president’s book, “So Help Me God,” was published by The Wall Street Journal, in which he talked about the events surrounding January 6th, 2021.
  • Pence asserted that the former president had promised to accept the results of the 2020 election if his legal challenges were not successful.

“Thirteen days after the 2020 election, I had lunch with President Trump. I told him that if his legal challenges came up short, he could simply accept the results, move forward with the transition, and start a political comeback, winning the Senate runoffs in Georgia, the 2021 Virginia governor’s race, and the House and Senate in 2022. Then he could run for president in 2024 and win. He seemed unmoved, even weary: ‘I don’t know, 2024 is so far off.'”

“In a Dec. 5 call, the president for the first time mentioned challenging the election results in Congress. By mid-December, the internet was filled with speculation about my role. An irresponsible TV ad by a group calling itself the Lincoln Project suggested that when I presided over the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress to count the electoral votes, it would prove that I knew ‘it’s over,’ and that by doing my constitutional duty, I would be ‘putting the final nail in the coffin’ of the president’s re-election. To my knowledge, it was the first time anyone implied I might be able to change the outcome. It was designed to annoy the president. It worked. During a December cabinet meeting, President Trump told me the ad ‘looked bad for you.’ I replied that it wasn’t true: I had fully supported the legal challenges to the election and would continue to do so.”

  • Pence made headlines when he declined to say whether he would vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, should he run again, as American Faith previously reported.
  • “Well, there might be somebody else I prefer more,” Pence said, dodging the question put to him during an appearance at Georgetown University.
  • Some reports indicate that Pence could be laying the foundation for his own presidential campaign, but the former Indiana governor declined to confirm any intentions, saying he’s focused on the 2022 midterms.